Gion Bayashi - A Geisha - Gion Festival Music

Kenji Mizoguchi – Japan – 1954


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In the post-war Gion district of Kyoto, the geisha Miyoharu agrees to apprentice the 16 year-old Eiko, whose mother was a former geisha who had just died. After a year of training they have to find a large sum of money before Eiko can debut. Miyoharu borrows the money from the tea-house owner, Okimi, who in turn obtains the money from the businessman Kusuda. Kusuda fancies Eiko himself and wants to give Miyoharu to Kanzaki in order to close a large business deal. However both geishas have minds of their own and, going against tradition, want to be able to say no to clients.

Gion Bayashi is set in modern times. A young orphan is keen to be trained as a geisha. Although her friend has reservations, money is found and all appears to be well. However there are strings attached and a compromise has to be reached, with the older woman here making the accommodation.

trigon-film dvd-edition 138
Language OV japanese Subtitles deutsch, français
Length 90 min. Screen format 4/3 PAL, b/w Sound DD 1.0 Age 16 Region code 2

Kenji Mizoguchi - 6 masterpieces


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