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Faust. Eine deutsche Volkssage

CHF 21.00 / EUR 19.00

A film by F.W. Murnau
Germany 1926

F.W. Murnau's FAUST has a long history spanning from Berlin to Hollywood. In 1923, Ernst Lubitsch convinced Mary Pickford to let him make a film of the Faust story, but he only got as far as shooting screen tests for the role of Mephisto. When Ufa announced its own Faust film a year later, the only cast member in place was Emil Jannings as Mephisto. For the other parts, the company attempted unsuccessfully to secure American stars. Ufa succeeded in procuring Nobel Prize-winning author Gerhart Hauptmann to write the intertitles, only to discard them in the wake of protest from script writer Hans Kyser. Now, for the first time, the Munich Filmmuseum has reconstructed Faust with Hauptmann's titles, which alter the rhythm and character of the film significantly.

Edition filmmuseum 114
Language Deutsch (Inserts) Subtitles english Piano score Richard Siedhoff
Length 105 min. Format 1:1.33 - 4/3 PAL Audio DD 2.0 (mono) Age 14 Region code All regions
Bonus Screen tests for Faust by Ernst Lubitsch, 1923 (11'), Booklet 

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