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Po zakonu - By the Law - Dura Lex

CHF 23.00 / EUR 21.00

Lev Kulesov's legendary «constructivist Western» (adapted from a story by Jack London) was a highlight of the Soviet Cinema of the 1920s and one of the most popular films of its time. Upon finding gold in the Yukon a group of prospectors descend into murder. The survivors are facing an existential choice. The DVD presents a new transfer of the film and a contemporary score by Austrian composer and musician Franz Reisecker. As an extra it includes the only surviving fragment of Kulesov's Vasa znakomaja, featuring sets by avantgarde artist Aleksandr Rodcenko.

Po zakonu (By the Law – Dura Lex), Lev Kulesov, SU 1926 (78')
Vasa znakomaja (Your acquaintance) [Fragment], SU 1927 (18')
Music by Franz Reisecker
16-page bilingual booklet

Edition Filmmuseum 63
Language Pусский Subtitles english, deutsch, français
Screen  1:1.33 – 4/3 PAL, b&w Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14 Region code All regions

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