Cirque de Pic

CHF 19.90 / EUR 18.50

A film by Thomas Ott

Traveling with elephants by train through the night … Saving a chicken from the clutches of a cook ... Blowing large bubbles into the uncertain winds of a packed circus tent ... In loosely interwoven scenes CIRQUE DE PIC tells the story of a Swiss mime who fled a precarious family home and went abroad at an early age to become one of the most extraordinary and beloved clowns of his generation. CIRQUE DE PIC is the result of an intermittent, twelve-year collaboration between filmmaker and clown.

«Pull up an easy chair, sit down and watch this Pic movie. Enjoy the delightful story of a clown who radiates a sense of calm and who spoils us with extraordinary tales, stories from his life and stories from the stage – you will follow it all with a feeling of happiness.» Emil Steinberger, Comedian

Language Dialect | German Subtitles english, deutsch, français, italiano
Length 84 min. Format PAL, 16/9, color Sound 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo Age 6 Region code All regions

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