Djibril Diop Mambéty – Senegal – 1992

CHF 24.90 / EUR 23.10

In Colobane, people expect the return of Linguère Ramatou, a former local girl now rumored to be richer than the World Bank. But her generosity has its conditions: she offers a check of ten billion for the death of Dramaan Drameh who refused to admit that he was the father of her child 30 years ago. "Life made made me a whore, now I'm turning the world into a brothel" she tells the citizens of Colobane.

JHR Films
Restored version
Language Wolof Subtitles french, english
Length 110 min. Format 1:1.66 Sound stereo Zone 2 - PAL
Bonus Ninki Nanka - Le prince de Colobane (Laurence Gavron, 45 min.) • Le fils d'Oumou Sy (Taïeb Louhichi, 26 min.) • Interview with Wasis Diop (Mohamed Challouf, 10 min.) • Extract of Adieu à l'Afrique (Pierre-Alain Meier, 10 min.) • Booklet (32 pages)

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