Mami Wata

C. J. «Fiery» Obasi – Nigeria – 2023

CHF 21.90 / EUR 20.40

In the remote West African village of Iyi, the villagers worship the Mermaid-deity Mami Wata and look to guidance from their healer Mama Efe, the Intermediary between them and Mami Wata, and Mama Efe’s daughter Zinwe and protégé Prisca. But when children begin to die and disappear, Jabi, a local, begins to sow doubt amongst the people, while Zinwe runs away propelled by her own anguish. Soon, the arrival of a rebel warlord Jasper tilts the odds in Jabi’s favor. With Mama Efe murdered and Iyi under new control, Prisca and Zinwe must plot to save their village and restore Mami Wata's glory in Iyi. Based on the West African Mermaid folklore and mythology.

«From its opening title design to the last notes of Tunde Jegede’s score, Mami Wata is a work of art.» IndieWire

trigon-film dvd-edition 414
Language Nigerian Pidgin Subtitles deutsch, français, english
Length 107 min. Screen format 1.66:1 – 16/9 PB, b&w Sound DD 5.1 Surround Age 16 Region code 0 – PAL
Bonus Trailer, Interview with C.J. Obasi (e)

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