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Cosmic Voyage - Kosmičeskij rejs

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Cosmic Voyage was the last Soviet silent film, made when talkies were already well established. In this elaborate science-fiction film equipped with impressive special effects, one sees the fictional Moscow of 1946, as it would have been if Stalin's plans had come to fruition. The film's highlight is an amazingly realistic voyage in a spaceship to the moon. The animation classic Interplanetary Revolution describes a journey to Mars. In the DVD booklet Alexander Schwarz examines the production history of both films and the development of the Soviet science-fiction film. Neil Brand, Masha Khotimski and Richard Siedhoff provide exceptional new music scores.

Kosmičeskij rejs (Cosmic Voyage) Vasilij Žuravlëv, Sovjet Union 1936 (70 min.)
Orchestral score by Neil Brand
Piano score by Richard Siedhoff

Mežplanetnaja revoljucija (Interplanetary Revolution) Vasilij Žuravlëv, Sovjet Union 1924 (10 min.)
Orchestral score by Masha Khotimski

Edition Filmmuseum 109
Language OV Russian Subtitles english, deutsch
Screen 4/3 - PAL Sound DD 2.0 stereo FSK 14  Region code All regions
Bonus Booklet 

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