The Sacrifice - Offret

Andrei Tarkowski – Russia – 1986

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A film by Andrej Tarkovsky
Sweden 1985

Tarkovsky's final film, a visionary masterpiece, unfolds in the hours before a nuclear holocaust. Alexander, a retired actor, who is celebrating his birthday with family and friends when a crackly TV announcement warns of imminent nuclear catastrophe. Alexander makes a promise to God that he will sacrifice all he holds dear, if the disaster can be averted. The next day dawns and, as if in a dream, everything is restored to normality. But Alexander must now keep his vow. Among many other awards, The Sacrifice won the coveted Grand Prix (Special Jury Prize) at Cannes in 1986.

As feature: Directed by Andrej Tarkowskij by Michal Leszczylowski
Documentary featuring Tarkovsky at work on his last film, made by The Sacrifice's editor, Michal Leszczylowski, which provides a revealing insight into the Russian's methods.

Restored version
OV Swedish | DV Deutsch Subtitles english | deutsch | hollands
Length 142 min. Screen HD, color Sound DD 2.0 FSK 12+ Region code B
Bonus Directed by Andrej Tarkowskij (in SD, OV/english/deutsch, 97 min.)

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