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Liebelei & Lola Montez

CHF 32.00 / EUR 29.00

The 2-disc DVD presents the two most beautiful films shot in Germany by Max Ophüls in restored versions: The wonderful adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's famous play Liebelei was the last film before Ophüls was forced to emigrate. The German version of the international co-production Lola Montez, shot in color and CinemaScope, remained his last movie. Additionally the DVD set features Martina Müller's highly praised documentary Max Ophüls - Den schönen guten Waren and never before published documents and out-of-print books in the extensive ROM section.

Liebelei Max Ophüls, Germany 1933 (84')
Max Ophüls - Den schönen guten Waren Martina Müller, Germany 1990 (90')
20-page booklet with essays by Martina Müller and Stefan Drössler

Lola Montez Max Ophüls, Germany 1956 (119')
Lola Montez - Versionen und Fassungen 2016, 116'
Max Ophüls: Das Lied der Lola Montez 1955 (audio, 3')
Max Ophüls: Gedanken über Film - Eine Improvisation Ulrich Lauterbach, GDR 1956 (audio, 62')
Extensive ROM section with rare photos, documents, articles and digital books

edition filmmuseum 99
Language OV Deutsch Subtitles deutsch, english
Screen format 4/3 - 16/9 PAL Sound DD 2.0 (Mono + Stereo) FSK 16 Region code All regions

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