Höhenfeuer & Wir Bergler in den Bergen

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Fredi Murer is one of the key figures in Swiss film. This double DVD combines two elementary mountain films in which Murer observes being in the mountains with an alert eye - documentary on the one hand, fictional on the other.

Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass wir da sind (Nous les montagnards dans les montagnes ne sommes pas coupables d'être là), Suisse 1974
An ethnographic documentary film in three movements, along the lines of a symphony.

Rstored version • OV dialect • Subtitles: english, deutsch, français • 108 Min. • Image 4/3, Colour • Sound DD 2.0 • Zone 0 - PAL

Höhenfeuer (Alpine Fire), Suisse 1985
«Höhenfeuer» is both a story of childhood and of a love affair: The deaf-born 'Bub' and his sister Belli live with their parents on a remote farm in the mountains. The outstanding fiction film was elected best Swiss Film ever by the members of the Swiss Film Academy. Golden Leopard Locarno Filmfestival.

Restored version • OV dialect • DV Deutsch, Français, Italiano • Subtitles: english, deutsch, français • 113 Min. • Image 16/9, Colour • Sound DD 2.0 • Zone 0 - PAL
Bonus: Commented track by Fredi M. Murer and Pio Corradi (Swiss german)

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