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Love's Mockery

CHF 32.00 / EUR 29.00

The beautiful restoration from the original camera negative of the earliest surviving film by F. W. Murnau gives an accurate representation of Murnau's innovative, highly expressive lighting techniques. The plotan eminent physician comes under the spell of an unscrupulous dancerfinds echoes in Murnau's later masterpiece Sunrise. Conrad Veidt appears in a supporting role as a sinister painter, whose entrance eerily presages Nosferatu. «The new restoration allows you to see everything in the frame, with a marvelous translucence and density of detail. Forget High Frame Rate: This is hypnotic, immersive cinema.» (David Bordwell) Lupu Pick's Scherben, like Der Gang in die Nacht based on a screenplay by Carl Mayer, has been celebrated as a masterful piece of tension-filled film-making built up through purely cinematic means. The 2-disc DVD set offers exceptional scores for both films.

Love's Mockery F.W. Murnau, Germany 1920 (81 min.)
Piano score by Richard Siedhoff
Orchestral score by Richard Siedhoff, performedy by Metropolis Orchester Berlin conducted by Burkhard Götze
Music for Murnau 2018 (30 min.)

Shattered Lupu Pick, Germany 1921 (66 min.)
Score by Christian Roderburg and the Filmmusik-Ensemble Musikhochschule Wuppertal

Edition Filmmuseum 97
Language Deutsch Subititles english, français
Screen 1:1.33 - 4/3, PAL Sound DD 2.0 (stereo) FSK 14 Region code All regions
Bonus Booklet 

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