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Berlin, die Sinfonie der Grossstadt & Melodie der Welt

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Walther Ruttmann is a pioneer of modern multimaedia art. His first short films are unique experiments with forms, colors, and rhythm, his innovative commercials connected abstract animation art with concrete messages. The symphonic documentary Berlin, die Sinfonie der Grossstadt is one of the most famous silent cassics, the travelogue Melodie der Welt became the first German sound feature film. With the radio play Weekend Ruttmann created the first «sound film without images» while his short In der Nacht transforms music to images and is a prototype of modern music videos. The 2-disc DVD combines for the first time all surviving works by Walther Ruttmann from 1920-1931 in newly restored and reconstructed versions, often with original scores. It also includes lobby cards, posters, programs and text documents as well as little known paintings and drawings by Ruttmann.

Berlin, die Sinfonie der Grossstadt, Germany 1927, 65 min.
Lichtspiel opus 1 1921 (12')
Opus II 1922 (4')
Opus III 1925 (5')
Der Sieger 1922 (3')
Das Wunder 1922 (3')
Das wiedergefundene Paradies 1925 (6')
Der Aufstieg 1926 (4')
Spiel der Wellen 1926 (3')
Melodie der Welt,
Germany 1929 (49')
1930 (12')
In der Nacht
1931 (7')
Walter Ruttmann - Der Visionär bewegter Rhythmen
1987 (86')
Photos from the Congrès du cinéma indépendant La Sarraz 1929
Extensive ROM section 
20 page booklet 

Edition Filmmuseum 39 – Double DVD
Language no dialogues Subtitles no subtitles
Screen 4/3  PAL Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14 Region code All regions 

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