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Three Songs of Lenin - Tri pesni o Lenine

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Next to the classic Man with a Movie Camera, his «film poem» to the founder of the Soviet Union, Three Songs of Lenin, is the most universally acclaimed and enduringly popular of all Dziga Vertov's films. This 2-disc set presents the earliest surviving versions of Three Songs of Lenin, the 1938 silent and sound reissues, previously unavailable on home video. Also included are the two Lenin-themed editions of Vertov's Kinopravda newsreel series as well as a feature-length TV documentary about Vertov by Austrian Film Museum co-founder Peter Konlechner.

Tri pesni o Lenine, Dziga Vertov, Sovjet Union 1934/35
Sound version (64 min.) and Silent version (52 min.) 

Dziga Vertov, Peter Kohnlechner, RFA 1974
Kinopravda No 21, Dziga Vertov, Sovjet Union 1925 (reconstructed version, 43 min.)
Kinopravda No 22, Dziga Vertov, Sovjet Union 1925 (19 min.)

edition filmmuseum 86
Double DVD
Language  Pусский - Deutsch Subtitles english, deutsch
Scree 4/3 PAL, b&w Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14 Region code All regions
Bonus Rares footage of Elizaveta Svilova during her visit in Wienna in May 1970 - Booklet

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