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The Eleven Devils & King of the Centre Forwards

CHF 36.00 / EUR 30.00

Two German silent classics dealing with soccer: Die elf Teufel / The Eleven Devils starring Gustav Fröhlich (Metropolis) and König der Mittelstürmer / King of the Centre Forwards starring Paul Richter (Die Nibelungen) which survived only in one print with some severe nitrate deteriotation. Both films are supplied with new music accompaniments and with subtitles in different languages. An early film document showing the 1924 soccer game Germany-Italy is added as a special feature to this 2-disc edition.

The Eleven Devils, directed by Zoltan Korda, Germany 1927 (98')
Music score by Joachim Bärenz
The King of the Centre Forwards, directed by Fritz Freisler, Germany 1927 (95')
Music scores by Günter A. Buchwald 
International Competition German vs. Italy in the Duisburg Stadium, 1924 (9')
Music score by Günter A. Buchwald

Edition Filmmuseum 08 – Double DVD
Language Deutsch (intertitles) Subtitles english, français, español, português
1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound Music scores DD 2.0 (stereo) FSK 14 Region code All regions

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