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Gaugin in Tahiti and on the Marquesas

CHF 19.00 / EUR 17.60

A film by Richard Dindo
Switzerland 2010

A documentary film about Paul Gauguin’s final years in Tahiti and on the Marquesas Islands. The filming of his paintings is set in the magnificent oceanic landscape from which they emerged, commented on by Gauguin himself with quotes taken from his autobiographical works and letters. The film tells the moving story of the famous French painter, a misunderstood artist and rebel, who advocated returning to Nature, who forewarned that industrialism would destroy the earth and who clashed with Catholic missionaries because of the extinction of the Maori culture and religion.

Edition Filmcoopi
Languages English | Français | Deutsch 
Length 66 min. Screen format 16/9 PAL, color Audio DD Age 14 Region code 2

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