CHF 21.90 / EUR 20.40

A film by Fredi M. Murer
Switzerland 1998/2023
Director's Cut

The day after the night of the full moon, 12 children all 10 years of age are found to be missing in the four language regions of Switzerland. The police and the media reassuringly claim that there are plenty of leads and clues. No kidnapper comes forward to contradict them. At the end of one week, all the parents receive the exact same letter from the children, written in cryptic language. By the next full moon they must have deciphered the letter and complied with all its requirements, or else… A dramatic-ironic tale that reveals the current state of Switzerland. Switzerland as a metaphor. Or: a plea for less logic and more imagination in our world. 

ATALANTE Filmedition
Language OV Subtitles english, français, deutsch, italiano
Length 111 min. Screen 16/9, Colour Sound 5.1 Surround & 2.0 stereo Age 12 Region code All regions
Bonus Talk with Fredi M. Murer (51 min.) | Statements Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Lilo Baur, Fredi M. Murer 1998 | Cinematic postcard Locarno 2022: The Big Rain | Theme music | Trailer

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