Tel Aviv On Fire

Sameh Zoabi – Palestine – 2018


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Shy and loveable Palestinian Salam is already in his thirties without, however, having quite found his way in life. That is why he eagerly takes on an internship with the successful TV soap «Tel Aviv on Fire». In order to reach the television studio, Salam has to pass through the check-point between his home in Jerusalem and Ramallah on a daily basis. This is where he meets Assi, chief of the Israeli border crossing, who is excited to meet one of the «makers» of his wife's favourite series. To impress his sweetheart, Assi puts increasing pressure on Salam to design the series according to his preferences. Meanwhile, Salam realises that Assi’s creative ideas are his big chance to become a screenwriter. When Assi’s demands are no longer compatible with those of the Arab creator’s, Salam is faced with a dilemma... Director Sameh Zoabi uses TEL AVIV ON FIRE to approach the conflict in the Middle East from a completely different, original and heartfelt comedic angle.

«A witty and warmhearted look at a divided land.» The Hollywood Reporter

trigon-film dvd-edition 351
OV arabic/hebrew Subtitles deutsch, français, italiano
97 min. Screen 1:1.85 - 16/9 LB, PAL, color Sound DD 5.1 Surround FSK 16 Region code All regions
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