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Touch the Sound

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A film by Thomas Riedelsheimer
Germany/UK 2004

Evelyn Glennie is a Grammy-winning classical percussionist whose solo work is unrivalled. She is also profoundly deaf. For Evelyn, sound is palpable and rhythm is the basis of everything. Without vibration, there is nothing. From silence to music, sound is felt through every sense in our bodies. Director Thomas Riedelsheimer (Rivers and Tide: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time)  maps a world of senses, of transcendent images and evocative sounds, following Evelyn and her remarkable story through California, New York, England and her native Scotland. Original music by Glennie and Fred Frith.

«Hearing is a sensation for which you need your whole body. And my whole life is about sound. It's what makes me tick as a human being. There's sound absolutely everywhere. You have to listen. That's it really... I want to be open to absolutely everything that comes my way. I mean, this is the most interesting thing with a musician, this sound journey.» Evelyn Glennie

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OV english Subitles français, deutsch
100 min. Screen 16/9 PAL, color Sound DTS | DD 2.0 | DD 5.1 FSK 12 Region code 0
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