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Heaven and Earth

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Michael Pilz's Heaven and Earth is an epic documentary in two parts about life in the Styrian mountain village of St. Anna. The film is a documentary in the best sense of the word – a meditation on time, on nature and the struggles of man, as well as a record of a lifestyle ceasing to exist. «If you let it happen, the film will pull you into its cosmos; it is one of those works that teaches you to see and listen again.» (Ulrich Gregor, 1983)

Heaven and Earth – I. The Order of Things, directed by: Michael Pilz, Austria 1979-82 (136')
Heaven and Earth – II. The Course of Thins, directed by: Michael Pilz, Austria 1979-82 (149')
16 page booklet (deutsch/english)

Edition Filmmuseum 62
Language Deutsch (steirische Mundart) Subtitles english, deutsch, français 
Fromat écran 1:1.37 – 4/3 PAL, couleur Audio DD 2.0 FSK 14+ Region code All Regions

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