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Ella Bergmann-Michel: Documentary films 1931-1933

CHF 23.00 / EUR 21.00

Since 1920 artist, photographer, and filmmaker Ella Bergmann-Michel lived and worked at the «Schmelz», an old paint mill near Frankfurt on Main. With guests such as Kurt Schwitters and László Moholy-Nagy the house became an important locale for modern artists. Between 1931 and 1933 she made five documentary films that constitute a rare example of socially involved and equally artistic film. The DVD contains these five films, a documentary film about the artist and a comprehensive booklet with essays on Ella Bergmann-Michel's films.

Where Old People Live, Germany 1931 (13')
Unemployed are Cooking for the Unemployed, Germany 1932 (9')
Travelling Hawkers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1932 (Arbeitskopie: 21', Rohschnitt: 46')
Fishing in the Rhön (at the Sinn), Germany 1932 (10')
Election Campaign 1932 (Last Election), Germany 1932/33 (13')
Fragments (1')
Blue is the Beat of my Heart, directed by Jutta Hercher & Maria Hemmleb, Germany 1989 (30')
Music scores by Günter A. Buchwald
20 page booklet

Edition Filmmuseum 09
Language Deutsche Zwischentitel | Deutsch Subtitles english
Screen 1:1.33 - 4/3 PAL | 1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound Music scores DD 2.0 (stereo) FSK 14 Region code All regions

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