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Yalom's Cure - A guide to happiness

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A film by Sabine Gisiger
Switzerland 2014

The 80-year-old psychiatrist and best-selling author Irvin D. Yalom is considered the most influential psychotherapist in the USA. He has sold millions of books worldwide. Critics describe him as inspiring, compelling and life-changing. His work emphasizes the value of relationships and focuses on how therapy works. The film YALOM'S CURE offers more than a classic biography: Yalom takes the audience on an existential journey through the many layers of the human psyche. In the role of the tour guide, Yalom shares his insights and provides deep insights into his own soul life.

Edition Filmcoopi
Languages English | Deutsch Subtitles deutsch
Length 77 Min. Format PAL, 1:1.78 - 16/9, color Sound DD 5.1 Age 0 Region code 2
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