Hassan Yektapanah – Iran – 2000


CHF 12.90 / EUR 11.90

Djomeh is a young Afghan man who has come to live in Iran because of family trouble. Working as a milk boy, he encounters discrimination from the Iranian villagers and disdain from Habib, a fellow Afghani to whose trust Djomeh was given. The only person who shows any friendliness to him is his employer, who Djomeh asks to intercede for him in asking a woman from the village for her hand in marriage.

trigon-film dvd-edition 187
Video-DVD (video quality)
Language OV  Subitles fix deutsch, français
Length 94 min. Screen 4/3 PAL, couleur Sound DD 2.0   FSK 12+ Region code All regions 

For your information: The quality standards of this DVD complies with the old VHS video format only. Unfortunately, no digitally restored basismaterial of this wonderful film is available. Although the image quality does not comply with the standards of our DVD edition, we still have decided to make it available.

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