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The Power Station of Emotions & Villains Sing Bass

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The Power Station of Emotions: For over 400 years, musical theatre has accompanied all the virtues and flaws of modern society. Here we cover Wagner, the relationship between the earliest operas (Monteverdi, Cavalli) to the most modern (Nono, Lachenmann, Rihm) and also Mozart, an operatic doctor, a chamber singer as the user of doping substances and rarities by Portici and Bizet. Villains Sing Bass: Why do male figures in opera kill the sopranos? For what reason is Evil always given the best melodies? The beauty of opera lies in these relationships and interconnections. The 80,000 operas in existence form one single score which accompanies the past 400 years of society like a distorted mirror: This is the thesis propounded in Xaver Holtzmann's imaginary opera guide.

Richard Wagner and the Law of Ruin Value in Music, 1990-2007 (50')
«80.000 Operas!», 1994-2006 (33')
«Of which we cannot speak we must sing!», 1998-2006 (12')
The Opera Doctor, 2007 (24')
I Lived for my Art, 2007 (15')
The Phenomenon of the Opera, 1998-2007 (21')
Soprano versus Bass, 1997-2006 (47')
Darklings sing Bass, 2002 (24')
The Mute Girl of Portici, 1998 (14')
Dance on the Volcano, 2001 (10')
The Deluge, 1998 (8')
12 page booklet and ROM features

Edition Filmmuseum 33 – Double-DVD
Language Deutsch Subtitles english, français, español, português
Screen 1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 Mono FSK 14+ Region code All regions

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