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Jahrgang 45 & Drei von vielen

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With Jahrgang 45, Jürgen Böttcher wanted to establish a culture of film making within the DEFA which «developed authentically, straight from reality». Yet like his earlier works, Drei von vielen and Barfuss und ohne Hut, whose youthful, anti-dogmatic vitality and spirit was not 'representative' enough for the GDR culture functionaries, the film was banned. This double DVD traces its history from the censored version to its final restoration.

Jahrgang 45, GDR 1966 (1990), 91 min.
Barfuss und ohne Hut, GDR 1964, 16 min.
Zeitzeugengespräch: Jürgen Böttcher, Germany 2015, 21 min.

Jahrgang 45 - Zensurfassung, GDR 1966, 75 min.
Drei von vielen, GDR 1961, 33 min.
Strawalde und Penck malen eine Bild, Germany 1991, 29 min.
Der Maler und Filmemacher Jürgen Böttcher - Strawalde, Germany 2004, 13 min.

edition filmmuseum 102
Language Deutsch Subtitles english, français
Screen 4/3 - 16/9 PAL Sound DD 2.0 (Mono) FSK 14 Region code All regions
Bonus Booklet with texts by Jürgen Böttcher and Claus Löser

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