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Max Davidson Comedies

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Max Davidson (1875-1950) is one of the numerous forgotten Hollywood supporting actors who acted in innumerable movies. His heyday was in the late 1920s when he was engaged at the Hal Roach Studios for a series of Jewish comedies which belong to the best and funniest shorts the studio ever produced. The 2-disc DVD set presents all the existing comedies as well as Davidson's first sound film and documentation of the lost films with rare scripts and more than 300 unpublished stills. All films focus on Davidson as the henpecked Jewish family father who has to struggle with his good-for-nothing son(s) and a daughter who falls in love with a non-Jewish boy.

Why Girls Say No, Leo McCarey, USA 1927 (23')
Jewish Prudence, Leo McCarey, USA 1927 (21')
Don't Tell Everything, Leo McCarey, USA 1927 (23')
Should Second Husbands Come First?, Leo McCarey, USA 1927 (21')
Flaming Fathers, Leo McCarey, USA 1927 (25')
Hurdy Gurdy, Hal Roach, USA 1929 (20')
Call of the Cuckoo, Clyde Bruckman, USA 1927 (19') ·
Love 'Em and Feed 'Em, Clyde Bruckman, USA 1927 (9')
Pass the Gravy, Fred Guiol, USA 1928 (25')
Dumb Daddies, Hal Yates, USA 1928 (15')
Came the Dawn, Arch Heath, USA 1928 (17')
The Boy Friend, Fred Guiol, USA 1928 (20') · The Itching Hours, Lewis R. Foster, USA 1931 (19')
Scores by Gunter A. Buchwald, Joachim Bärenz & Christian Roderburg
Extensive Rom section with essays, scripts and stills
24-page bilingual booklet with essays by Stefan Drössler, Stewart Tryster, Richard W. Bann and Steve Massa

Edition Filmmuseum 58 – Double DVD
Language English Subtitles deutsch
Screen 1:1.33 – 4/3 PAL, b&w Sound DD 2.0 (Stereo) FSK 14+ Region code All Regions

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