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Kafka Goes to the Movies

CHF 43.00 / EUR 39.00

The 4-disc DVD presents for the first time the surviving films Kafka saw in his lifetime and mentioned in his writings: documentaries, early feature films, newsreels. All the films were restored by archives in the U.S., Germany, Czechia, France, Italy, Denmark, and Russia and presented in new versions with new scores performed by Günter A. Buchwald and Richard Siedhoff.

Jízda Prahou otevřenou tramvají (A Tram Rides through Prag), 1908 (2 min.)
Primo Circuito Aereo Internazionale die Aeroplane in Brescia (First International Competition for Airplanes in Brescia), 1909 (13 min.)
Peschiera | Lago Maggiore | Liguria | Il corse de Mirafiori (Italian travelogues), 1907-1913 (20 min.)
Nick Winter et le vol de la Joconde (Nick Winter and the Theft of the Mona Lisa), 1911 (10 min.)
De hvide slavehandels sidste offer (The White Slave Girl), 1911 (55 min.)
Theodor Körner, 1912 (41 min.)

Prazdnovanie 300-letija Doma Romanovych (Celebrating 300 Years of the Romanov Dynasty), 1913 (16 min.)
Der Andere (The Other), 1913 (77 min.)
La broyeuse de cœurs (The Heart Breakers), 1913 (47 min.)

Daddy-Long-Legs (Das Waisenkind), 1919 (99 min.)
Táta Dlouhán (Vater Langbein), 1919 (excerpts, 10 min.)

Shiwat Zion (Return to Zion, 1921 (78 min.)
Audio commentary: Stewart Tryster
Kafka va au cinéma (Kafka Goes to the Movies, 2002 (55 min.)

edition filmmuseum 95
Language OV Subtitles deutsch, français, english
Screen 1:1.33 – 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 (Mono) FSK 14 Region code All regions
Bonus Booklet with texts de Franz Kafka, Hanns Zischler, Stefan Drössler

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