A Song for Beko

Nizamettin Ariç – Armenia – 1992


CHF 12.90 / EUR 11.90

Nizamettin Aric makes his directorial debut and also stars in A Song for Beko, one of the first films in Kurdish (he also scripted this eloquent film and composed and played its musical score). Aric himself was imprisoned for speaking the Kurdish language in public and exiled from Turkey. Beko begins his long pilgrimage - in search of his brother - in Kurdirsh areas of Turkey, where he escapes arrest. Fleeing into Syria, this modern-day Odysseus then makes his way into the serenely beautiful highlands of the Kurdish areas of Iraq. Here, in a nomadic community caring for refugee children, Beko finds himself and a homeland. But inevitably this peace is broken.«To be a refugee is a Kurdish fate,» says Aric. «The more the people of the world know about us, the more we can hope. That is why I made this film.»

trigon-film dvd-edition 85
Video DVD (video quality)
Language OV kurdish Fix subtitles deutsch, français
Length 100 min. Screen 4/3 PAL, color Sound DD FSK 12+ Region code All regions 

For your information: The quality standards of this DVD complies with the old VHS video format only. Unfortunately, no digitally restored basismaterial of this wonderful film is available. Although the image quality does not comply with the standards of our DVD edition, we still have decided to make it available.


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