trigon-film edition: Asia

Les gens de la rizière - Neak srê – Rithy Panh, Cambodia, 1994
Wonderful Town – Aditya Assarat, Thailand, 2008
Lola – Brillante Mendoza, Philippines, 2009

CHF 22.90 / EUR 21.30

The trigon-film foundation was founded in 1988 with the task to widen the cultural offer in Switzerland by releasing films from Latin America, Asia and Africa. More than 600 productions coming from 94 countries have been released in cinema houses meanwhile and more than 350 of them edited in the own DVD-Label. A special limited edition shows selected titles from different regions.

Cambodia: Les gens de la rizière, Rithy Panh
Philippines: Lola, Brillante Mendoza
Thailand: Wonderful Town, Aditya Assarat

trigon-film dvd-edition 271
Box with 3 DVDs and booklet
All films in original version with subtitles
Bonus: La danse du singe et du poisson - Making of (43 min.)

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