Nostalgia for Countryland - Thuong nho dong que

Dang Nhat Minh – Vietnam – 1995


CHF 12.90 / EUR 11.90

Nostalgia for Countryland is a poetic and evocative story set in a small village in North Vietnam’s delta. Nham, an innocent country boy of sixteen, lives with his mother, sister, and sister-in-law and must support the family, working all day in the rice fields, because his father and older brother are away. One day a neighbor asks him to pick up her visiting niece, Quyen, who has been living overseas. Quyen's journey back to her home village is a sentimental one, spurred by memories of pastoral pleasures, but the world she encounters now is harsher and more difficult. Nham, however, is smitten by her, and Dang Nhat Minh weaves a story of a young man’s awakening and an expatriate's realization of the realities that now exist in her countryland. (Geoffrey Gilmore)

trigon-film dvd-edition 118
Video DVD (video quality)
Language OV vietnamese Fix subtitltes deutsch, français
Length 116 min. Screen 1:1.66 - 4/3 LB PAL, color Sound DD FSK 14+ Region code All regions 

For your information: The quality standards of this DVD complies with the old VHS video format only. Unfortunately, no digitally restored basismaterial of this wonderful film is available. Although the image quality does not comply with the standards of our DVD edition, we still have decided to make it available. 

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