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10 Milliarden - Wie werden wir alle satt? (Posters A1) Valentin ThurnIndia
Air Doll - Kûki ningyô (Posters A1) Hirokazu KORE-EDAJapan
Birdwatchers (Posters A1) Marco BechisBrazil
Empty nest - El nido vacío (Posters A1) Daniel BurmanArgentina
Every Day is a Holiday - Chaque jour est une fête (Posters A1) Dima El-HorrLebanon
Five Days Without Nora - Cinco días sin Nora (Posters A1) Mariana ChenilloMexico
Honeymoons - Medeni mesec (Posters A1) Goran PaskaljevicSerbia
Soul Power (Posters A1) Jeffrey Levy-HinteDemocratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
Still Walking (Posters A1) Hirokazu KORE-EDAJapan
The Milk of Sorrow (Posters A1) Claudia LlosaPeru
Turistas - Tourists (Posters A1) Alicia SchersonChile