Romeo and Juliet get married - O casamento de Romeu e Julieta

Bruno Barreto – Brazil – 2005


CHF 14.90 / EUR 13.80

Barreto’s film offers yet another retelling of Shakespeare's famous tale of star-crossed lovers. Instead of feuding families whose hatred leads to violence and death, Barreto serves up two families with opposing soccer team loyalties in soccer-mad Brazil. 

The movie takes place in São Paulo: The gorgeous Julieta (Luana Piovani) is the beloved daughter of Alfredo Baragatti (Luiz Gustavo), who himself is a lifelong Palmeiras fan as wella s a member of the Board of the Palmeiras Soccer Club. He raises his daughter to be a soccer fan as well and her name is not an homage to Shakespeare's heroine but rather to her father's two soccer idols. Julieta is also a female soccer player who wants to play professionally. But she has to realize that Brazilians haven't quite warmed up to the idea of women playing professional soccer. By chance she meets the ophthalmologist Romeu (Marco Ricca), the chief of the uniformed rooting of Corinthians soccer team and the greatest rival of Palmeiras, and they fall in love with each other. Romeu pretends to root for Palmeiras to get close to Alfredo, but this lie will risk their love.

Language OV brazilian Subtitles deutsch, français
Length 92 min. Screen 16/9 PAL, color Sound DD 5.1 FSK 10+ Region code

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