Collection Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf

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The beautiful box contains 8 films directed by Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf.

Armand Schulthess – J'ai le téléphone (1974)
Arman Schulthess created a very special garden with thousends of written papers on trees.
G, F, I, E | 53 min.  

Kleine Freiheit (1974)
The liberty is not big for working people, but in their hobbies they can develop an incredible amount of liberty and creativity.
Dialect, G, F, E  | 103 min.

Trans Atlantique (1983)
On the last cruiser from Genua to Rio the ethnologist Roger Wiedmer meets the brasilian Zaira Gelbert. He follows the steps of Claude Lévy-Strauss on his way to the indians, described in the «Tropiques tristes».
F, G, E, SP, P | 108 min.

Umbruch (1987) 
A document of a crucial changing periode in newspaper production, when everything started to be made by computer.
G, F, E | 93 min.

Der Kongress der Pinguine
The place is real, the congress is fiction. The animals meet in a country where dream and nightmare come together: the Antarctic.
G, F, I, E | 91 min.
Bonus: Die Reise zum Kongress der Pinguine (50 min., G, E)

Ultima Thule - Eine Reise an den Rand der Welt (2005)
Broker Fred Böhler has an accident and is delivered to the hospital. His soul flies away as an eagle into another world in Alaska.
G, F, E | 90 min.
Bonus: The Making of Ultima Thule (52 min., G, E)

Guber – Arbeit im Stein (1979)
In a village in the Swiss mountains men from Italy and Portugal work in the last spot of the northern part of the Alps, where stones are prepared to be used to pave roads and squares.
G, F | 53 min.

Die Schwalben des Goldrauschs (2000)
100 years after the goldrush you still can find hundereds of men in Klondike washing dirt to find gold. Still the landscape has changed.
G, F, E | 53 min.
Bonus: La tannerie de la Sarraz - Histoire d'un tournage (28 Min., F)

Each movie comes along with an interview (dialect/german)

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