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Alice Guy Blaché

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Katja Raganelli portraits two forgotten women film pioneers: Alice Guy, the first female filmmaker and only female director of an American film studio, and Margery Wilson, leading actress in films by David Wark Griffith and William S. Hart, whose directorial efforts today are lost. This 2-disc DVD set presents rare documetary material and interviews, reenactment scenes and seven newly restored films by Alice Guy Blaché. It allows a new view on film history which usually marginalizes the work of women.

Alice Guy Blaché - Hommage an die erste Flmemacherin der Welt, Katja Raganelli, Germany 1997 (60')
Margery Wilson - Vom Stummfilmstar Hollywoods zur Filmregisseurin, Katja Raganelli, Germany 1998/2019 (44')
The restoration of Cupid and the Comet, 2019 (7')

La Crinoline, 1906 (2')
Cupid and the Comet, 1911 (13')
Playing Trumps, 1912 (15')
Canned Harmony, 1912 (16')
The Hater of Women, 1912 (15')
Burstup Homes' Murder Case, 1913 (14')
A House Divided, 1913 (15')
Scores by Richard Siedhoff und Günter A. Buchwald 

Edition filmmuseum 119
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Bonus Booklet with texts by Katja Raganelli

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