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Thomas Harlan - Moving Shrapnel

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A sanatory in the south of Germany, a room with a view to the Bavarian Alpes. Talking to the camera: Thomas Harlan, author and filmmaker, adventurer, Nazi hunter. He talks, tells stories, reflects, interrupts himself. An imaginated film: a trip through Moscow, a meeting with Hitler, «language as a cathedrale», West-Germany's rehabilitation of war criminals, protest actions, the conflicts with his father Veit Harlan, the director of the notorious antisemitic propaganda film Jud Suess. The 2-disc DVD offers the 96 minute documentary Thomas Harlan – Wandersplitter plus 160 minutes with additional interviews with Thomas Harlan and clips from his films.

Thomas Harlan – Wandersplitter, directed by: Christoph Hübner, Germany 2006 (96')
Über Wandersplitter, 2007 (6')
Der Film «Souvenance», 2007 (24')
Der Film «Torre Bela», 2007 (37')
Reise nach Kulmhof – «Rosa», 2007 (27')
Der Film «Wundkanal», 2007 (33')
Anmerkungen zum Roman «Heldenfriedhof», 2007 (19')
Die Organigramme, 2007 (4')
Am Ararat, 2007 (16')
Booklet with text by Christoph Hübner
Press book with texts, filmographies and interviews as ROM feature (only in german)

Edition Filmmuseum 35 – Double DVD
Language Deutsch Subtitles english
Screen 1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 Mono FSK 14+ Region code All regions

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