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Cuts in Time and Space

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The work of the film editors doesn't take place in the public. We only see the finished film as a result of several weeks' concentrated work in the editing. In documentary films very often even the narrative structure is created during the editing process. The editor is the co-author of the film, he deals with rhythm, composition, the relation of space and time. On this 2-disc DVD Gabriele Voss, director and editor herself, talks with renown German editors, an expert on brain reactions and the filmmaker and philosopher Alexander Kluge about pictures and sound, chaos and order, handcraft and magic, rules and tricks. Clips from selected films like Abschied von gestern / Yesterday Girl or Lola rennt / Run, Lola, Run illustrate the statements. «The finishing touch of a film is done in the editing. This gives the editor a great responsibility. The slightest decision can change the whole mood of the film. That's the fascination of film editing.» (Mathilde Bonnefoy, editor of Run, Lola, Run).

Cuts in Time and Space, Germany 2006 (74')
Additional Interviews (126') 
12 page booklet with the filmographies of the editors and filmmakers

Edition Filmmuseum 12 – Double DVD
Language Deutsch Subtitles english
Screen 1:1.77 - 16/9 PAL Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14 Region code All regions

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