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Screening the Poor 1888-1914

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Around 1900, the issues of poverty and poor relief were the source of heated controversy. This beautiful 2-disc DVD set illustrates in seven chapters how examinations of the 'Social Question' were presented in magic lantern slide sets and early films. The forgotten medium of the magic lantern arises anew on the electronic screen: the ensemble illuminago presents Victorian magic lantern shows in live musical performance. As was customary a century ago, the films are accompanied with music: piano and violin underscore the moods that find visual expressions in the films.

The content was curated by Martin Loiperdinger and Ludwig Vogl-Bienek.

The Magic Wand GB 1889, 6' 
Comment les pauvres mangent à Paris FR 1910, 4'
Le Violoniste della carità IT 1911, 10'
La tournée des Grand Ducs FR 1910, 10'

Children in Misery
Ora Pro Nobis GB 1897, 6'
Le Bagne des gosses FR 1907, 11'
Bébé veut imiter St. Martin FR 1910, 6'
Billys's Rose GB 1888, 8'

Child Labour
The Cry of the Children US 1912, 28'
The Little Match Girl US 1905, 9'
The Little Match Girl GB 1914, 10'

Charity and Social Care
Le Chemineau FR 1905, 6'
Rigadin a l'ame sensible FR 1910, 9'
In the Workhouse GB 1890, 7'
Christmas Day in the Workhouse GB 1914, 14'
Ahlbeck. Der Kaiser bei den Berliner Arbeiterkindern DE 1912, 2'

Drink and Temperance Movement
Manchester Band of Hope Procession GB 1901, 2'
Enter not the Dramshop GB 1890, 5'
Les Victimes de l'alcoolisme FR 1902, 6'
Ein vergeudetes Leben DK 1910, 8'
Buy Your Own Cherries! GB 1905, 28'
Buy Your Own Cherries! GB 1904, 5'
Dustman's Darling GB 1894, 5'
A Drunkard's Reformation US 1909, 15'

Perils of Wage Labour
A Bunch of Primroses GB 1889, 8'
Au pays noir FR 1905, 14'
Die Beerdigung der Opfer des Grubenunglücks auf der Zeche Radbod DE 1908, 6'
Don't Go Down in the Mine, Dad GB 1910, 5'

The Two Roses US 1910, 12'
Deux petits Jésus FR 1910, 17'
The Emigrant Ship GB 1890, 13'
Geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose DE 1910, 5'

Scores by Günter A. Buchwald and Judith Herrmann
Live performances and speakers: Ludwig Vogl-Bienek, Karin Bienek, Mervyn Heard
16-page bilingual booklet
Extensive documents about each title as ROM features

Edition Filmmuseum 64
Language English/Deutsch/Français Subtitles english, deutsch
Screen 1:1.33 - 16/9 PAL Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14+ Region code All regions

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