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High on Work & Farewell to the Safe Side of Life

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High on Work: We have left a heroic and post-heroic industrial age behind us. Farewell to an era when work was still abundant. Yet the adage still holds: Only work makes life real (Marx). The turbulent zones of globalization, in the cafeteria of Brecht's Theater, Helge Schneider as an unemployed woman in Spain, «working to pieces» in the concentration camps. – Farewell to the Safe Side of Life: Experiences with core activities of our time, for example skyscrapers or Chernobyl. Experts from the fire department and paramedics, engineers, and scientists tell their stories. With Durs Grünbein, Peter Berling, Igor Kostin, Victor Popov, Nikolai Tarakanov, Igor Jassenjawski, Rosemarie Tietze, and Oxana Pentak.

High on Work, 1997 (15')
Clinton's Chief Economist, 2007 (24')
Post-Heroic Management, 1999 (24')
50 Knuckles of Porc is About Right, 2007 (15')
The Bridge Crosser, 2007 (24')
Happy Easter, 1998 (24')
Camp Money, 1995 (10')
The Belshazzar Project, 1995 (5')
Every Man for Himself, 2003 (15')
A Farewell to the Safe Side of Life, 2002 (25')
The Wind Will Clean It Off, 1996 (15')
Sovjet Patriots of 1941, 1991 (15')
Attention: Total Loss!, 2001 (15')
The Burning Giraffe, 2007 (4')
Only Cans Were Saved, 2003 (15')
Sense below the Sense, 2008 (4')
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Edition Filmmuseum 29 – Double DVD
Language Deutsch Subtitles english, français, español, português a.o.
Bildformat 1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 (Mono) FSK 14+ Region code All regions 

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