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Amerasia & Viêt Nam!

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Wolf-Eckart Bühler (1945-2020) practiced a unique approach to the USA in his films and writings: on the one hand he focused on icons of the Left who stood up for a different America, were once vilified and are today vindicated by history; on the other hand he bore witness to the US-led Vietnam War's aftereffects in Asia. For Amerasia, his final feature scored by Terry Allen and Surachai Jantimatorn, Bühler personally supervised the new digital restoration available for the first time in this edition. Rot weht der Wind (Red Blows the Wind), Bühler's rare radio feature tracing the history of the German periodical «Filmkritik», is just one of many supplements included here.

Amerasia 1985, 97'
Việt Nam! Über den Umgang mit einer leidvollen Vergangenheit 1994, 44'
Stills from the shooting of Amerasia

Leo T. Hurwitz: Filme für ein anderes Amerika 1980, 44'
Über Irving Lerner 1981, 11'
Innere Sicherheit: Abraham Polonsky 1981, 44'
Rot weht der Wind 1974, 44' (audio)
Reisen am Rande der Nacht: Sterling Hayden 1980, 49' (audio)
Ein Anderer werden: Abraham Polonsky 1982, 55' (audio)

Edition Filmmuseum 120
Language OV German/English/Thai/Vietnamese Subtitles english | deutsch
Film length 97 | 44 min. Screen 1:1.33 - 4/3 (PAL) Sound DD 2.0 (mono) Age 16 Region code All regions
Bonus Rich supplements | Booklet with texts by Wolf-Eckart Bühler, Olaf Möller and Hans Schifferle

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