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A Sixth Part of the World & The Eleventh Year

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The poetic travelogue A Sixth Part of the World and the «visual symphony» The Eleventh Year mark the beginning of Dziga Vertov's most creative period, which peaked in the canonical film Man with the Movie Camera. This 2-disc set presents the two rare masterpieces in a new transfer and with new soundtracks by British composer Michael Nyman. The bonus features offer materials on the methods of the filmmaker, as well as an introduction to the Vienna research project on Vertov, «Digital Formalism».

Sestaja čast' mira (A Sixth Part of the World), Sovjet Union 1926 (73 min.) 
Music score by Michael Nyman
Odinnadcatyi (The Eleventh Year), Sovjet Union 1928 (53 min.)
Music score by Michael Nyman
In the Shadow of the Machine - A Compilation Film, Germany 1928 (directed by Albrecht Viktor Blum & Leo Lania, 22 min.)
Vertov in Blum. An Investigagion 2009 (14')
Rom ection with additional materials
32 page booklet (english/deutsch)

Edition Filmmuseum 53 – Double DVD
Language русский | Deutsch | English Subtitles deutsch | english
Screen 1:1.33 - 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 FSK 14 Region code All regions 

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