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Freedom for the Consonants! & Borderline Cases of Damage Control

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Facts & Fakes with Peter Berling, Erich Komrowksy, Hermes Phettberg, Helge Schneider, Georg Schramm and Lilo Wanders. Freedom for the Consonants! means a radical overhaul of the spelling reform. Borderline Cases of Damage Control deals with the insurance cover of at-risk aeroplanes. And from present-day practice: Car racing in the framework of the Olympics, the problems relating to the protection of US presidents, German troops in the Himalayas, security duties for the G8 summit, resistance work against the German occupiers in Poland and finally, Christoph Schlingensief's version of «Hamlet» and Christian Stueckl's interpretation of «Peer Gynt». «It is a fact that fantasy exists. However, it is fantasy that pure facts exist.»

Freedom for the Consonants!, 2004 (15')
The Car is your second Skin, 2007 (15')
The Safety of the President, 2007 (15')
«I confess!» – Daytrip Shopping Excursion, 1992 (24')
«With all the Wealth of my Needs», 1999 (24')
Men is the Soft Target, 2008 (45')
Borderline Cases of Damage Control, 2006 (24')
«The Screeching Sound of Power as Soon as it Puts on the Brakes», 1992 (18')
The Deterrent, 2007 (15')
True Love on the Front, 2001 (11')
The Holding of Skulls is not my Thing, 2001 (45')
Who am «I» – Peer Gynt, 2008 (19')
8 page booklet and ROM features

Edition Filmmusuem 32 – Double DVD
Language Deutsch Subtitles english, français, español, português a.o.
Screen 1:1.37 - 4/3 PAL Sound DD 2.0 Mono FSK 14+ Region code All regions 


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