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Homo faber (Three women)

CHF 19.00 / EUR 17.60

A film by Richard Dindo
Switzerland 2014

A cinematic reading of the novel by Max Frisch, with three actresses playing the part of the three female figures in the book. Marthe Keller takes on the role of Hanna, Faber’s former fiancée; Daphné Baiwir portrays her daughter Sabeth; and Amanda Barron is Ivy, Faber’s American mistress. We see the three women in the book’s settings and landscapes, in silent images from the past. Faber himself does not appear in the film. He is the one the three women see, observe and film, the one who later describes his own images with short passages taken from the book.

Edition Filmcoopi
Langues English | Français | Deutsch   
Length 88 min. Screen format 16/9 PAL, color Sound DD 2.0 stereo & 5.1 Age 14 Region code 2

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